Full moon rituals and reflections…

I sat under the moon bare footed for a while before sleeping last night to reflect, just like the moon.
Here are my reflections…

Count your lucky stars
not only on the nights when she is full
Count your lucky stars
Even when the sky seems obscured and dull

Even as the sun shines
distracted as you may
Your lucky stars are always there
even in the brightness of the day

Count your lucky stars
for its upon them your wishes come true…


🌕 The last of the super moons of 2023, the harvest moon is named so, for providing the last light of the summer months for the farmers to reap what they have sewed.

🌾 You too, can used this space to harvest what you have sewn and grown.

Whether you have cultivated love in abundance or stability and strength, you have an opportunity to ✨count your lucky stars✨ for all you have grown over the summer months.

🙏🏼 While full moons can be an emotional and intense time, when we understand how to work with them, we’re able to live in tune with their rhythms and harness their power ✨.

🤍 Rather than focusing on the nights ahead as cold and dark, place your focus on seeds of love you have sewn, grown and harvested. Knowing in full faith, that they will continue to provide you with love and nourishment throughout those more challenging months.

If you would like to accompany your full moon ritual with a full moon Yoga flow, come see my Moon Salutations/Chandra Namaskar blog, where I share with you the full sequence of poses to complete the full salutation.

Be with the flow of the seasons, of life itself
🤍🌾🌕 ✨