Our door is always open

Your journey through yourself to your Self begins here…

The first step is the hardest... let Home of Alchemy make it easier.

If you think you’ve never practised yoga before, think again. Each time you notice a breath, this is yoga. When you reach up to open a window, this too is yoga. Even your little cat stretch and yawn before you climb out of bed in the morning is yoga.

You see, yoga isn’t about flexible bodies held together by lycra, yoga is a journey through yourself to your Self. It’s providing yourself with a safe space to explore your Self. A space where you can feel connected, feel peace and love.

So before you think you’re not flexible enough, or not the right shape, size or gender, think again. Yoga is UNION. It is for everyone. 

The Home of Alchemy provides you with this space and has plenty to make your journey back home joyful and enriching.

So come on in. Take your shoes off, get comfy. Our home is your home. There is plenty of room! 

The door is always open.