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to mindful movements and managing emotions

this blog is the perfect place to create a

magical life with your own wellbeing potions!


Hello, my name is Lea, welcome to my blog.

This blog holds a space for the knowledge I have gained while this wonderful life passes through me. I will be sharing all of  the flavours and ingredients of life that I’ve discovered through sampling and taste testing along the way. Resulting in a whole recipe book, with the aim to create your very own enriching recipes resulting in your own beautiful slice of bliss.

To help you to filter, I have placed my blog posts into three categories:

Yoga – tonnes of useful information ranging from yoga flows for migraines, to reviews on the best hot yoga mat.

Lifestyle – this category features content like aromatherapy for anxiety to five minute mindful meditation techniques. You will find all kinds of information to guide you into a world of positive wellbeing.

Recipes – includes advice, information and heaps of Ayurvedic recipes for people searching for a balanced plant-based, gluten free diet.

So go grab yourself a cuppa, or roll out your mat and happy reading! Oh and please feel free to leave a comment on any of the post if you need more information.

Remember, you are your own alchemist, you have all the magic you need,  you only need to remember how to use it!

Much love, Lea

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