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From nourishing recipes and natural lotions to mindful movements and managing emotions this blog is the perfect place to create  a magical life with your own wellbeing potions!


Welcome to my blog. I’m known as Lea and Leanne to most. I have little humans who call me Mum and well, call me what you wish as long as it is with fondness and love! (I’ve been known as Buttface in a playful way, I am also cool with that!).

I decided to write a blog here on my Home of Alchemy website because I believe it to be the perfect space to share all of my tips on surviving and thriving in this beautiful experience we call ‘life’.

You will find three categories:

Yoga – loads of useful information ranging from yoga flows for migraines, to reviews on the next best hot yoga mat.

Lifestyle – features content like aromatherapy for anxiety to five minute mindful meditation techniques,. You will find all kinds of information to guide you into a world of positive wellbeing.

Recipes – includes advice, information and heaps of recipes for people searching for a balanced plant-based, gluten free diet.

I hope you enjoy reading them and you find the posts useful. After all, life can be pretty challenging at the best of times right, so if we discover any magic ingredients along the way, a big cheers to the magic potions we can create with these useful ingredients.

Remember, you are your own alchemist, the magic is within!

Much love, Lea


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