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Hello and welcome to Home of Alchemy. Here we will provide you with many tools and techniques to create a peaceful environment, a place you can feel safe in, a space that is balanced and equanimous. That place is in YOU. Allow us to help you to peel back the layers. Let us guide you on your journey through yourself to your Self.

Our home is your home.


From online yoga classes to coherent breathing workshops for insomnia and everything in between, we offer a holistic portfolio of wellbeing workshops, classes and events to suit every home and workplace.

Home of Alchemy’s sessions are delivered in person, or online by a member of our hand picked team which includes some of the worlds leading wellbeing facilitators and teachers, who make it our mission to educate, empower and inspire people around the world.


Below are a few short videos of some of the services we have to offer, including a useful pranayama / coherent breathing technique to calm and clear the mind. 


Free Tutorials

Free videos to learn the some wellbeing tools to restore balance to the bodymind.

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Free Resources

A great library on content ranging from aromatherapy to nutrition. 


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